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The Last Days of Summer

Summer is so much fun in Vermont . . . even if you aren’t a skilled athlete.  Last weekend, we went up to Shelbourne to visit Shelbourne Farms.  It’s on the outskirts of Burlington, right on Lake Champlain.  We had brunch in the farmhouse (all local food products), looking out over the lake and the beautiful gardens.  Then we spent a couple of hours walking around the house, the gardens and the barns.

Summer goes as fast as it comes.  The mornings are very cool, about 50 degrees before warming up to the low 70’s.  The late summer flowers are blooming and allergies are kicking up a storm.   When you look out over the mountains, you can see lots of changes.  The vivid greens from spring and early summer are now becoming dull – a prelude to the vibrance of fall.

Orientation starts this coming Monday.  We have new students all over campus – along with assorted partners, children, parents, etc.  Moms are taking photos of everyone and everything on campus before heading back home again.

Have fun while you can this week – real life begins on Monday morning!! 


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