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Last week was Orientation for all the new students – a total of 246 MSEL, LLM and JD entering students.  The Admissions staff always approaches Orientation with very mixed feelings – this is what we have worked for all year long.  The class moves to town, begins Orientation, and then we are done.  The Office of Student Affairs, the faculty, the campus departments take over the process of providing a legal education.  We spend a couple of weeks closing out files, writing reports and scheduling our fall travel.  Then we are out on the road again, meeting all the new prospects for the entering class of 2007.

Okay, I can’t close out a posting without talking about the weather.  It’s been cold.  Yesterday, I thought I was going to freeze.  The temps never went above the mid-50’s and it rained most of the day.  It’s still cloudy today, but temps have risen to about 70.  It’s still August, I don’t even want to think about the winter yet. 

We have several new bloggers this year – I hope you enjoy their tales regarding life at VLS

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