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The New Season

Leaf season update:  Those who are “in the know” about these things are all saying that this year should be a long and spectacular leaf season.  The trees are began turning early due to the cool summer with lots of rain.  Husband, dog and I plan to take a long ride on Saturday up to the Northeast kingdom (the wilds of northeast Vermont) to play leaf-peeper tourists for a day.  This is a perfect time to plan your visit to Vermont – and VLS.

Football update:  Georgia (3 – 0), plays Colorado this Saturday in Athens.  According to the UGA website, the buffalo (who was donated to the school by Ted Turner) will be in attendance.  I can’t even imagine how Uga, the Georgia bulldog, is going to react to a buffalo in his backyard.  Should be great fun!!

 Last year’s admissions year is officially over.  The old records have been archived, files are moving out of the office, and we are finishing up year-end reports.

5 new applications for Fall 2007 have come into the office this week.  We won’t begin reading  files for a while, but it is always nice to see the apps coming in.  Dino is up in Alaska this week, Clancy is in New York.  Next week, Clancy, Lia, Sara and Nancy will all be out and about.  Check the admissions page of the VLS website for locations.

Please RSVP for our Open House on Oct. 14th.  We are placing orders for food, and headcounts are very helpful!

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