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Open House – and new VLS China Program

The Admissions Open House on Saturday was fantastic.  We had about 50 excited participants, maybe they were so energetic from the crisp autumn weather!  The session topics included a mock first year class – can being drunk excuse criminal behavior???? No conclusions were reached, you have to enroll in Prof. Duthu’s criminal law class to get all the answers.

 The highlight of the day was Senator Leahy’s speech on Fear, Freedom and the Rule of Law.  He talked about how we can never give up our rights as Americans, even in times of war and terrorism.

Everyone on campus is excited about the new China program.  If you haven’t taken time to read the press release on the front page of the website, it is worth reading.  The purpose of the program is for VLS students and faculty to work with the students and faculty of law schools in the Guangdong Province to address environmental laws and policies, proposing solutions to environmental problems of mutual concern.

I’m not going to talk about football any more.  Georgia has lost their last two games.  Oh well, as with the Braves, there is always next year . . .

Leaf season is over, all the leaves are falling – or have fallen – from the trees.  Why is shuffling through piles of leaves so much fun?  It was one fall pastime I truly missed all my years in Florida.  Vermont has more than enough leaves to make up for lost time!  

Shuffle, shuffle before the snow falls !!

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