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November 1st…

I have been out “on the road” most of the last few weeks, meeting lots of great applicants.  It is great fun to travel across the country, but I sure am glad to back in Vermont. 

My last venture was to Miami.  Now, I lived in Florida for 16 years prior to coming to Vermont, so I was more than used to the traffic and congestion.  Last week, it only took one drive down I-95 from Orlando to Coral Gables to make me appreciate my daily commute from Randolph to South Royalton!  One more trip in a couple of weeks, then the suitcase goes in the basement for the winter!!

It’s hard to believe that it is already November 1st.  There was snow last weekend, but not at our house.  The mountains above us were covered – our turn will be here soon enough.  For today, we are enjoying sunshine and temps in the 50’s.  I had snow tires put on the car last week, it’s not too soon.

Applications are coming into the office on a daily basis.  The committee will begin reading files the first week of December.  Our goal is to have decisions out by the end of December to all applicants whose files were completed by the 1st. 

 Enough procrastinating – have to get to those expense reports!!

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