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The Application Cycle Moves Onward

I am finally back home from the last road trip of the season.  All of us are home, safe and sound.  Thankfully, there were only a few “adventures” this season with rental car issues, missed flights, etc. – it was a successful period of meeting our new prospective applicants and spreading the passion of Vermont Law School.

The Admissions Committee began reviewing completed files this week.  Our goal is to review all files that are completed by this Friday and mail decision letters before the school closes for our holiday break on Dec. 22nd.  Usually, we are able to also work through all files that are completed through the first week of December.  This is a rewarding process for us as well as for the applicants.  We are excited to begin learning more about this year’s applicants – and we are rewarding those who have worked hard to complete their files early.

Vermont  is still, still, still in the midst of “stick season”.  Stick season is official in Vermont – no leaves, no color, no nothing – just ugly brown stick trees.  November is also the month with the most precipitation, so it is always cloudy – as well as brown.

We have just set a record for the smallest amount of snow in the history of Novembers.  It’s not even that cold.  I was in Florida a week ago – it was colder in Florida than it was in Vermont.  However, temps are dropping significantly the end of this week (supposedly), and snow showers are predicted.  At least the ski resorts are cold enough at night to make snow.  I can see the slopes of Killington and Pico from my house, the white trails are looking good.  We’ll have have our own multiple feet of snow soon enough.  My showshoes are dusted off and ready to go!!

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