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It’s very quiet on our corner of the campus…

Students are in the midst of final exams, so the campus is very quiet.  The only time we see students is as they pass our office coming and going from the library or the classroom buildings.  Exams are over on Wednesday afternoon – the celebrations will commence!

There is little to report on the Admissions front.  We are happily processing new applications, reading completed files and answering e-mail queries.  It’s gratifying to match file names with candidates that we met on the road over the fall.

Our only complaint these days is the weather – again.  There is no snow; it’s not even cold.  I was out and about most of Saturday – in a cotton sweater.  Today, I wore a sweater to work.  It’s mid-December!  It would be okay to be snowless, except that the resorts are hurting.  The tourists won’t come to Vermont if they can’t go skiing. 

Oh well, time to get back to the files !!

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