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Monthly Archives: January 2007

The Phones Are Ringing

Questions are coming in left and right. People have been calling asking how do they fill out their FAFSA with 2006 tax data when they have not filed their taxes? The FAFSA can be filled out with estimated 2006 numbers. When your 2006 taxes are complete, just mail your taxes into the financial aid office […]

Students Make a Difference

An integral component of the VLS program is the South Royalton Legal Clinic.  2nd and 3rd year students, under the supervision of faculty, represent indigent clients from all over Vermont. One of the members of the clinic faculty, Alex Banks, sent out the following message on the campus e-mail this morning.  I deleted the 3rd […]

How can I not talk about the weather in my first ever blog. It was 58 degrees this weekend and I thought I was going to have to mow the lawn. My girls were disappointed that they could not ski but were excited to play soccer outdoors. On the financial aid front we are getting […]

Happy New Years, et al.

We’re back from the holiday break . . . it was nice and quiet.  It finally snowed for real about 10:00 on Christmas night, and then we got several more inches on Saturday.  It was enough to take the dog out and tromp around on the snowshoes.  Dog goes crazy in snow.  He is a big […]