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Happy New Years, et al.

We’re back from the holiday break . . . it was nice and quiet.  It finally snowed for real about 10:00 on Christmas night, and then we got several more inches on Saturday.  It was enough to take the dog out and tromp around on the snowshoes.  Dog goes crazy in snow.  He is a big black furry 3 year old, half golden retriever and half border collie.  He rolls around like a maniac and then takes off running with his nose buried in the snow.  He leaps and jumps like a fool – a very happy boy.

The bowl games are going well – Georgia beat Virginia Tech !!

Not much to talk about in Admissions.  We are incredibly busy processing all the mail coming in from applicants, downloading apps from LSAC, etc.  Thank you very much!

A new voice will soon join me on this blog – but because of technical issues beyond my control, I cannot add his photo to our front page.  The new blogger will be Dino Koff, the Director of Financial Aid and Admissions.  He’ll have lots to talk about regarding financial aid issues – of some minor importance to law school applicants and students. 

Fair warning though – he is a Red Sox fanatic !! 

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