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How can I not talk about the weather in my first ever blog. It was 58 degrees this weekend and I thought I was going to have to mow the lawn. My girls were disappointed that they could not ski but were excited to play soccer outdoors.

On the financial aid front we are getting ready for the beginning of the semester. Classes start in two days and students are looking for their financial aid.

We are still receiving many calls from prospective 1L’s. In the near future, I will post different ways to prepare for law school financially. But for now, I will quickly explain the financial aid process. It is three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the FAFSA at www.
  2. Download the VLS Institutional Application on our website (type financial aid application in the search box)
  3. Mail us a signed copy of your 2006 Federal Tax Return


Good luck with the process and remember to call with questions!

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