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Students Make a Difference

An integral component of the VLS program is the South Royalton Legal Clinic.  2nd and 3rd year students, under the supervision of faculty, represent indigent clients from all over Vermont.

One of the members of the clinic faculty, Alex Banks, sent out the following message on the campus e-mail this morning.  I deleted the 3rd year student’s name for this blog posting.

I just thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share it:
 I drove a brief to Montpelier this morning to file with the Supreme Court. (student) almost exclusively wrote this brief. As I sat in my office this weekend doing final edits, I just couldn’t find a thing to change. It was absolutely a superlative effort that (student) turned out principally over her Holiday vacation.  It was so tight and on point, I ended changing very very little. So win lose or draw, CONGRATULATIONS (student).
 But something else happened. (student) was at least thoughtful enough to leave me a small section to do myself. As I was checking for the most recent cite on a particular point, know what I found ? The most recent cite was one of my earlier cases; the brief on that case was similarly produced by a student who did just an incredible job. Who knows if the quality of the brief had anything to do with the outcome, some things we will never know. But it occurred to me that the students at this tiny law school are putting their imprint on Vermont Jurisprudence in a way that might not happen anywhere else. OK maybe I am making too much of this, maybe I should have just gone home and watched the Patriots game, but I still think it was pretty cool.
 WAY to go (student)

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