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Snow Days in a Busy February

This has been quite the interesting month of February – both in terms of the weather (always providing good commentary) and in Admissions and Financial Aid. 

Weather first – we had “the” snowstorm a bit over a week ago.  According to those who keep records, Vermont had the second heaviest snow storm ever.  Our area received over 30 inches of snow in 24 hours – and it did snow!  It was the light powdery kind that blows around and you sink right into.  I tried going out in my snowshoes, but the snow was too soft and too deep.  I sunk down to my knees.  The dog, who is very large, sunk down to the top of his back – so resorted to tunnelling.   Afer a few days, the snow has packed down, perfect for winter sports of all kinds!  Also, the temps have warmed up a bit, to the high 20’s – making playing outside even more fun.

We had a heads up on the snow storm, so I took home a large box of files on Tuesday night and did not even attempt to get to the law school during the bad weather.  It was much more sensible to stay at home and review applications.

The state supreme court held their arguments on campus this past Thursday – postponed from the snow day.  One of our professors from the Environmental Clinic, David Mears, argued a case before the court.  He said later that he was more nervous arguing in front of his students than in front of the justices.

Black History Month is always recognized with numerous events on campus, coordinated by the Black Law Student Association.  Several of the presentations this year addressed race in higher education.  The students also celebrated through music, dance, film and theatre – magnificently beautiful.

The Financial Aid Office has been busy.  In addition to collecting application materials from applicatants, the staff has held several workshops for current students.  Since it is tax time, this series has focused on assistance with tax returns and deductions that are of benefit to graduate students.

Onward to March . . .


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