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Update on Awarding

All awards are in the mail for accepted students who have filed their FAFSA and VLS Institutional Application. After Accepted Student Visiting Day (Monday), we will continue to award students as files are completed. So this means if you have not turned in paperwork, please file your FAFSA and the VLS Institutional Application. Next week, we will be sending missing information letters out to applicants who have not turned in all of their paperwork- just a gentle reminder.

A quick update on our Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP). I think it is one of the best programs in the country. Our applicant pool grew this year and we were able to fund 58 alums working in the public interest/public service arena. We were able to award roughly $160,000 this year. Since 1996 VLS has awarded $1.725 million to over 475 alums. It is great being able to work with students not only when they are at VLS but being able to follow their careers as alums.

So starting in the next few weeks, I will post some messages relating to “what should I be doing now” in terms of financial aid. Hopefully where ever you are it is as beautiful as Vermont on a spring day!


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