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April in Vermont

So, It’s April 12th and we are in the midst of our second major snow storm of the month.  Last week, we had to close the law school early on Wednesday and open late on Thursday due to a foot a new snow.  Even though the roads were clear on Thursday morning, driveways had to be plowed and our amazing grounds crew had to clear the campus parking lots and side walks.

Here we are, one week later, with yet another snow storm.  Since about 6:00 this morning, we have gotten about 5 inches of snow and another 4 inches are predicted by 8:00 this evening.  We are closing the school early because the roads are so slick and many members of the VLS community drive long distances to campus.

Obviously, we are used to lots of snow and long winters.  However, yesterday was warm and sunny – students were out in short sleeves and flip flops.  It’s the “teasing” that makes these last storms intolorable.

Two prospective student families from other parts of the country are visiting campus today.  They are certainly witnessing the “real” Vermont.   Also, our Earth Week festivities are all messed up.  Today, we were supposed to host the local 5th graders so they could present the Lorax to the law students.  It’s an annual tradition that we all look forward to – followed by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for all!!  However, the school children had an early dismissal and they had to ride their buses home.  Hopefully, they can come to campus next week.

Oh, spring fever . . .  I can’t wait for the daffodils and dandelions!  At least, it’s baseball season and the Atlanta Braves are doing great!!


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