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Financial Aid and the Next Step

May is here and we are getting a lot of phone calls about what is the next step? All accepted students with complete files (FAFSA, VLS Institutional Application and signed 2006 federal taxes) have been awarded. It is not too late to get these documents in to make your file complete.


So onto the next steps, around June 15th, we will be mailing our packets to all deposited students with financial aid awards. This packet will include forms that need to be filled out before aid can be disbursed. Included in these forms are loan paperwork, disbursement forms and a form stating your rights and responsibilities.


You are allowed to choose any lender you want for your federal educational loans. About 97% of VLS students use Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). Here is why so many of our students use VSAC:

  • Incredible Vermont Value Benefits

1.3% annual rebate on all Stafford Loans during repayment

    4.3% rebate during Year 1 of Grad PLUS

    1.3% rebate after year 2 and beyond of Grad PLUS

    • Amazing Customer Service for students
    • 1:1 in-person Exit Counseling before you go into repayment

    So to recap, after June 15th, we will mail out packets of financial aid materials with loan information. Now is the time to clean up any credit issues you may have.


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