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The end of another year

Vermont Law School has concluded yet another year.  Commencement ceremonies were held on Saturday and we celebrated the success of 196 graduates of the JD, MSEL and LLM programs.  This class will be missed . . .

This week have been extemely quiet.  Faculty are no where to be seen – they are off grading exams in peace and quiet.  Many members of the staff have taken vacation time.  It has been a great opportunity to catch up on those annoying odds and ends of projects in the office.

Nancy and I head out to Tucson on Tuesday morning for the annual meeting of Law Schools Admissions Officers – boy, do we have a lot to talk about this year!  Even though we see each other on the recruiting trips in the fall and converse via email all year – it is great fun to get together this time of year.  We compare notes on how our classes are coming in and who is going to the wait list over the summer. 

Speaking of the wait list . . . we still have not made any admission decisions from the wait list.  We have strong group of first deposits and hesitate to make any more decisions until second deposits arrive in June.  We understand how frustrating a time period this is for the wait listed applicants and appreciate your patience!  My GOAL is to have all final decisions made prior to the first of July.  In the meantime, please feel free to call or email the office if you feel a need to check in.

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