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Financial aid mailings are coming…

On one of the hottest days of the year, I write to tell you, Financial Aid mailings are out the door! We have mailed all paid deposits who have financial aid a packet of information this week. Included in this packet are promissory notes, disbursement forms, entrance interview requirements, Book Advance Forms, and more!

When you receive this packet feel free to call us if you have questions. We have received many phone calls relating to the PLUS loan and credit. In you are worried about your credit, we have been instructing people to get pre-credit approval on the PLUS loan. You can do this on-line at or call 800-798-8722. Just click on “Online Credit Pre-Approval” or if calling ask for a pre-credit approval on a GRAD PLUS loan.

Just as a reminder, refunds checks will be available the first day of class (August 27th). It always smart if possible to come with some spending money for Orientation Week. All financial aid forms need to be returned before Augist 1st so we have time to process them and get your money in.

Writing this on a 97 degree day allows me to tell you to STAY COOL!


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