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Summer Update

This is always a crazy time of year in Admissions.  We are still working with the 2007 entering class, collecting final transcripts and immunization forms, changing addresses and planning for Orientation.  It is exciting to meet and greet new student families as they assist in the move to Central Vermont.  At the same time, we are making very difficult decisions regarding applicants who are still on the wait list.  How many should be admitted, how late in the summer can we admit, who should be released?  It’s a very delicate balance as we work to bring the exact size class as determined by the dean and the faculty.

The summer is also our planning and preparation time for this coming year.  Prospective applicants are visiting the campus;  new publications are in the final editing stages; we are registering for all the fall recruiting events.  September will be here before we know it!

It has been such a busy period in the office that I have not had much time to play.  Husband and I went to one baseball game in May, the Braves were in Boston playing the Red Sox.  Even though the weather was cold and rainy, a trip to Fenway is always a treat.  We will not discuss the final score.

The last weekend in June was the Vermont Quilt Festival – the largest quilt show in the Northeast.  I only took about 100 photos so that I could continue to oooh and aaah over the incredible skill and talent displayed in over 200 quilts on display.  What did we do before digital cameras!

Weather has been relatively cool this summer – only a very few days when I have wished for an air conditioner.  When the heat from other parts of the country arrives in New England, it only stays for a couple of days and then we have cooling rain!   Despite daily brushing, big furry dog only started shedding about 3 weeks ago.  Now, we have dog hair all over the house!  August is typically the hottest month of the year, we’ll see 🙂


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