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Foliage Season

I have been on the road quite a bit this week, driving back and forth from Burlington.  Normally I would mumble something about using too much gas, complain that the airport is too far away, etc. but this week has been special.  The foliage season is peaking and the scenery is beyond description.  Leaves are all the colors of our childhood crayola box – from light yellows to vivid orange to deep scarlet – and mixed with the rich greens and blue/greens of the evergreens.  Today, as I flew into Burlington from Chicago, it was fun to listen to the passengers on the plane ooh and aah as we descended over Lake Champlain toward the airport.  Of course the roads are full of cars with out-of-state tags as the “leaf-peepers” enjoy the beauty – and enrich the economy of the state, thank you very much.

My hope is that much of the color holds on this week as we prepare to welcome visitors to campus on Saturday for the Admissions Open House.  It’s not too late to RSVP!!

Snow showers are predicted for late tonight and early tomorrow morning.  Temps will rise into the high 40’s, so snow will melt by mid-day.  We always receive our first snow of the fall the week of the Open House – just part of the tradition.  Husband is taking the car in next week to have the tires switched to the snow tires, windshield washer fluid changed, etc.  Tis the season!


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