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Admissions Open House – and Baseball

The Admissions Open House on Saturday was a great success!!  Our visitors included over 50 prospective candidates along with another 30 or so partners, parents, friends, etc.  The day began with campus tours about 9:00 and did not end until almost 3:30.  The weather cooperated beautifully; fall foliage is still glowing with color.

Thank you for coming to visit our campus, we enjoyed talking with you and look forward to greeting you as applicants in the near future.

Finally . . . last night the Red Sox won the American League division title.  Could the series have gone on any longer ??  Now I can’t decide who I am really supporting in the World Series.  Being a New Englander for 6 years now, I have to cheer for the Red Sox.   After all, this is the center of Red Sox Nation.  But I have been a National League Braves fan my whole life, so part of me wants the Rockies to do well – especially because this is their first Series.    We should have a good series this year.  Go Baseball !!


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