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Admissions Road Trips

It has been a long travel season.  Kara was back in the office today to drop off names and pick up a few supplies.  She is very excited about all the energetic prospects she is meeting on the road.  Becky has sent in several e-mails regarding prospects is various parts of the country. 

I head out to Pennsylvania early tomorrow morning – visiting Gettysburg, Dickinson and Franklin & Marshall this week.  I always look forward to this trip because of all the great students on the three campuses.  Am driving down from Vermont, about 7 hrs each way, just because I can’t face another airport this week!  I love the travel season, but by November I have had enough of airports.

We begin reading files in 2 weeks.  Jen has been busy in the office with the processing – we have quite a large group of completed files.  As always, our goal is to review all files completed by December 1 and get decisions out in the mail by the holiday break on December 21st.

Snow showers are predicted for Wednesday morning!  


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