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The Progression of the Academic Year – and Snow!

It has been a very long – and productive – recruiting season.  Now we are all back home safe and sound.  Today was the first day since early September that everyone has been in the office at the same time!  We had a wonderful time traveling cross country, spreading the word about Vermont Law School, but we all missed Vermont, our families, etc.

We began reading completed application files this week.  The goal is to send out decision letters prior to the holiday break for all applicants whose files are complete by December 1.  This is an intense period in the office.  We have a lot of files to read (Thank you very much!) and recognize the need to move fast, yet devote to each application our full and undivided attention.  We take our role as gate-keepers to the profession very seriously.  We are also inspired daily by the stories told in essays; of sacrifice, of dedication and of perseverance.

So, I get up this morning, let the dog out, and begin getting ready for work.  Nothing is falling out of the sky.  When I go back to the door in about 10 minutes to let him back in, it is snowing like crazy.  The snow continued throughout the day – in late afternoon we have several inches.  The snow plows were a bit late getting moving.  I think they we caught off-guard.  Many people don’t have snow tires on their cars yet.  It takes this initial snowfall to wake us up and force us to get organized.  I have had snow tires on for a couple of weeks, but do not have the other winter supplies in the car yet – kitty litter, blankets, water, granola bars, flash lights, etc.  Another project for the weekend.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend.  The school will be closed on Thursday and Friday.  I also plan to take tomorrow off as a vacation day.  We will be so nice just to stay home for a few days – lots of household projects to keep me busy, along with football.  Georgia is back up in the top 10, so the pressure is on!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you.  May you enjoy time with family and friends.  We are so grateful for our VLS community and for those who seek to attend.  Best wishes . . . 


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