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If you have been reading the student blogs . . .

you can definitely tell that the 1L’s are freaking out.  This tends to happen every year at every law school in the country.  Friday was the last day of classes; we are currently in our reading period; final exams begin on Wednesday.  If the 1st year students were not freaking out about now, I would be more concerned.  They are taking their exams very, very seriously – as well they should be.  However, they will do just fine.  We would not have admitted them to law school if we did not have complete (well, almost complete) confidence in their academic abilities.

We do something special for our students at VLS –  Student Appreciation Days.  The first couple days of exams each semester, the staff bring in loads of mostly healthy food for the students.  We set up shop in the Chase Student Center with big bowls of fruit, bread and sandwich fixings, crock pots of soups and chili, big jars of peanut butter, crackers, etc.  It’s our way of thanking the students for being at VLS and wishing them well on exams.  Needless to say, there is never a crumb left behind!

Best Wishes on Your Exams !!

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