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Monthly Archives: January 2008

The Hard Days of Winter

Anyone who reading this blog can easily tell that I am not a native Vermonter.  I moved from Central Florida 6 years ago to work for the law school.  Having never lived further north than South Carolina, this was a huge life change.  Both husband and I love our life here and have no plans […]

Campus Events

One of the very positive problems we have on the VLS campus is that there are many more speakers, activities, events, etc. each week than one can possibly attend.  With over 30 active student organizations, something is always happening. One event on this week’s schedule caught my attention, the annual Student Leadership Dinner and Speeches.  […]

The students are back on campus . . .

The last week has been very quiet on campus.  Students were still on winter break and the faculty were hidden away grading exams.  It was a nice, peaceful time to catch up on everything in the office.  Just as we couldn’t stand the quiet any longer, the campus came back to life.  Spring semester classes […]

Happy New Year – 2008

Today is New Year’s Day.  I have reached a stage in life where I tend to think of the new year as a time for being grateful for blessings – and tend to not take new (or repeat) resolutions quite so seriously.  Yes, I have goals to improve healthly habits.  However, more importantly, I am […]