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Happy New Year – 2008

Today is New Year’s Day.  I have reached a stage in life where I tend to think of the new year as a time for being grateful for blessings – and tend to not take new (or repeat) resolutions quite so seriously.  Yes, I have goals to improve healthly habits.  However, more importantly, I am grateful for my family, both in other parts of the country and here in my home in Vermont.  I am grateful to have a warm, comfortable home during this very, very snowy season.  I am grateful to live in Vermont, a magnificently beautiful and most progressive state and to be affiliated with Vermont Law School, with it’s amazing and passionate student, staff and faculty community.

Speaking of snow – WOW, This has been a whopper of a winter so far !!  Typically, we receive about 15 inches of snow during December.  By the end of the month yesterday, we received over 50 inches.  Today, we begin January with another 6 – 10 inches predicted.  Because much of the state economy is based upon the snow industries, all of this snow is quite a boon to all aspects of the economy.  At the same time, all are grateful to the snow plowing industries that keep the roads and driveways clear – except when it would be really nice to have a snow day!   Having never lived further north than the Mason-Dixon line until the move to Vermont, I never understood how life just keeps on going through all this snow.  You keep good snow tires on the car and depend on the plow guys to keep the driveways, parking lots and roads plowed.  It’s a very efficient and effective system.

The law school has been closed since Dec. 21st for the holiday break.   We are scheduled to open again tomorrow morning, but might be running a bit late if overnight snow predictions come to fruition.   Oh Darn !

Best wishes to you, your hopes and dreams in this new year of 2008.


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