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The students are back on campus . . .

The last week has been very quiet on campus.  Students were still on winter break and the faculty were hidden away grading exams.  It was a nice, peaceful time to catch up on everything in the office.  Just as we couldn’t stand the quiet any longer, the campus came back to life.  Spring semester classes started today.  The financial aid office is directly upstairs from Admissions, so all the students are coming through our office to head upstairs and pick up their refund checks.  It is nice to see them.

The weather has been weird this past week.  In my last posting, I talked about how much snow we got in December – over 4 feet!  Well, this week we are in the midst of the traditional January thaw.  Temperatures are in the 40’s and 50’s for several days – and today, we have had several bouts of heavy rain and wind.  Randolph and other surrounding towns have had no power for a couple of hours.  Snow is melting fast, but we still have well over a foot on the ground.  The primary concern is flooding from ice jams on the rivers.  However, all will be back to normal by the weekend with temps in the teens and snow predicted again.

Such is winter in Vermont !!


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