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Campus Events

One of the very positive problems we have on the VLS campus is that there are many more speakers, activities, events, etc. each week than one can possibly attend.  With over 30 active student organizations, something is always happening.

One event on this week’s schedule caught my attention, the annual Student Leadership Dinner and Speeches.  In addition to a nice dinner (advertised as including fine wines and four-star cuisine) members of the Student Leadership Collective will discuss the following topics:

“Reverence for Life: Why the Philosophy of Albert Schweitzer is Paramount to the Legal Profession”

“Why Being Bad Feels So Good  _ A short-ish Rant on Thoughts About Counterculture As the New Mainstream”


“Land Use Law and Policy Implications of the 2005 Hurricane Season”

“Synthesis of the Social Justice and Environmental Movements”

I am looking forward to a delightful evening!


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