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The Hard Days of Winter

Anyone who reading this blog can easily tell that I am not a native Vermonter.  I moved from Central Florida 6 years ago to work for the law school.  Having never lived further north than South Carolina, this was a huge life change.  Both husband and I love our life here and have no plans to leave.

However, this is the most difficult time of year to “experience” and I heartily empathize with 1st year students who are struggling.  It’s cold, icy and dreary.  Today, we have a delayed opening until 2nd period classes (9:45) because the roads are so icy.  I didn’t realize how bad it was this morning (or that we even had the delayed opening) until I let my large, sturdy dog out and watched him gingerly step across the driveway to get to the snow.  He did his thing and came right back in the house – with a coating of ice on the top of his coat.  Usually, he tears around, protecting the homestead from the squirrels and chipmunks – but not today.

Grades for the fall semester have been posted.  For many students, it’s a harsh awakening.  They have always done well academically and now they are competing among peers who are equally strong.  I have been giving lots of hugs and words of support.  They will succeed.


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