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We have been pummeled with snow this week, which is a good thing.  You have to have lots of snow for Wynterfest festivities on campus.  A long-time annual event run by the SBA, students form teams to compete in various activities.  The tug of war event was quite a show, there is little finesse when competing in a foot of snow!  Yesterday afternoon was some kind of scavenger hunt where students had to take digital photos of items on the scavenger list.   Our campus is also perfect for the snow ball war.  We have 17 buildings on 13 acres, providing lots of nooks and crannies for strategic cover.  Luckily, we on the staff know when not to risk life and limb by stepping outside our buildings!  This afternoon is the final event, the broom ball games in the town green.  I had never heard of broom ball before moving to Vermont.  It is basically the same as hockey, but the players don’t wear skates and they use brooms to whack the puck.

What’s the point of all this snow if you can’t have fun !!


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