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Happening Times in Vermont and at VLS

I am not in the habit of watching the Today show in the mornings, but made an exception this morning.  They are broadcasting live from Sugar Bush, a ski resort about 40 miles north of the law school.  It’s a postcard perfect winter day in Vermont with temps in the single digits, a bright blue clear sky and many feet of beautiful white snow.  I only was able to see about 45 minutes before coming to work, but it was great advertising for the region!

In case you have not clicked on the “News” items on the website, we have lots going on at the law school!  Two exciting speakers are on campus this week.  Tonight is Professor Jerold Kayden from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.  He will be addressing Eminent Domain, Constitutional Review and Public Attitudes.  We all remember a local case in 2005 where a nearby city exercised it’s power of eminent domain to take a sing;e-family house against the will of the owner to advance citywide economic development interests.

Tomorrow night’s speaker is Bruce Babbitt, chairman of the board of the World Wildlife Fund and former interior secretary under President Clinton.  He is the keynote address for the two day symposium on Confronting Climate Change, sponsored by the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law and the Vermont Law Review, our two student journals.

The VLS Board of Trustees are on campus for a day-long board meeting tomorrow.  Many members of the board will participate in these two presentations.

I know that I talk about it quite a bit on the blog, but it is amazing each semester to see the inspiring calendar of speakers, events and programs we have on the campus.  Too much to absorb!


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