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March 1st

Today is March 1st – Very important for several reasons.  First of all, today is the “suggested” deadline for applications to all programs at the law school.  The admissions office has been crazy this week as we man the phones and e-mails, responding to candidates who are submitted last minute applications.  We are explaining to one and all that the deadline is not “drop-dead”, we will still gladly accept applications that arrive in the office over the nest few weeks.  Please don’t spend a fortune on expedited mailing services.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office next week.

Personally, I always hope that reaching March 1st means that we are headed toward Spring.  Yes, we have longer daylight hours – which is very nice.  However, the snow has not abated.  A new storm arrived from the west overnight, we have about 6 new inches of snow with another 3 or 4 inches predicted within the next 24 hours.  According to the local news report, February was the snowiest month ever in Vermont, with a total of 43 inches in Burlington.  Our area (about 70 miles southeast) always receives more snow because of higher altitude, etc.  However, the road plows have been out in force this morning and the roads appear to be very passable.  At the same time, I plan to not venture too far abroad today.  Lots of application files to read 🙂

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