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Orientation Week

It is now Wednesday morning, mid-point in the Orientation for all new students.  They are on a field trip today to Montpelier to meet the governor, legislators and members of the state government.  After two whirlwind days on campus, we appreciate a relatively quiet day to regroup – and the students always enjoy the time in Montpelier.

This year’s classes include 191 JD students, 24 in the master’s program and 19 LLM students.  For the first time in many years – we had a 100% enrollment rate for all 3 classes!  This is our largest LLM class ever, with students from China, France, Spain and South Africa along side US students coming to VLS with amazing legal experience.

We are beginning to see the first signs of fall.  I went out to walk the dog this morning, wearing slacks and short sleeve cotton shirt – and it was cold!  The thermometer hanging on the garage read 47 degrees – in August!  Late summer flowers are in full color, leaving are beginning to change color on the trees.  We will still have a few days in the 80’s, but summer will soon be over.


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