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Admissions Open House

If you are thinking about applying law school, I invite you to attend the Vermont Law School Open House on Saturday, October 11th.  Much of the program is about law school in general, so even you aren’t interested in VLS (Which you should be), we hope that you will gain insight into the mysteries of the law school application process, a first year class, academic programs, etc.

This year’s program has an added feature.  The VLS Board of Trustees and the Alumni Advisory Board are meeting the same day as the Open House (There are only so many Saturdays in October . . .)  So, we have scheduled all three groups to have lunch together.  This will give our prospective applicants a great opportunity to talk with some of our most active alumni and to learn more about the institution from their perspective.

Check out the admissions page (Visit VLS) for information about the Open House and then call or email the office to RSVP.  We are planning some really good food and need a head count.  Your parents, partner, best friend, etc. are also invited to attend.


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