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This is absolutely my favorite time of year –

Since we probably have a new group of blogger readers this year, I will re-introduce my background.  I moved to Vermont seven years ago after living in Florida for 16 years – and an entire life south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Needless to say, it has been a cultural and weather adventure!  However, we absolutely love Vermont and can’t imagine living anyplace else.

The fall is especially spectacular.  The air is nippy in the morning (first hard freeze is predicted for tonight) and leaves are beginning to change.  The late season wild flowers are blooming everywhere.  Skies are bright blue, the leaves are brilliant, pots of rust and gold mums are scattered all around, and weekends are brimming with fairs, festivals and other harvest events.

This afternoon/evening is the annual stone soup event in the village.  A huge pot of water was put on the fire this morning in the village green and various local people have added vegetables all day.  All are invited to bring a container and spoon about 5:00 for a free bowl of soup.  About 350 servings will be available to share.  There will be music, great conversation and assorted other attractions.

Last weekend was the Tunbridge Fair.  Each year, Dean Shields judges the goat costume contest.  I especially love the cows, pigs, horse shows, etc., etc. . . .

Too much to do in too short a time.


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