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Fall Travels and Politics in DC

I just got back in town from a great recruiting trip to DC.  No matter how tired I am from catching the 6:00 am flights, waiting for hours in JFK, etc. I am rejuvenated by the excitement and enthusiasm of candidates who are eager to talk about the programs at VLS.  Of course, I am not the only one on the road right now.  Sara, Kelly and Nancy are also out and about, talking to candidates, answering questions and spreading the word.  This is our favorite time of year.

It’s impossible to visit DC and not think about the current political events.  I had some free time one afternoon, so I walked down to the mall, sat on a bench and stared at the capital building.  I could only wonder what was actually going on inside as our lawmakers debate the bailout.  I don’t pretend to know all the answers and don’t expect they have the answers either.  Wonder what will happen with the debate tonight?


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