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Last Saturday was the Admissions Open House – it was a rousing success! I think what made it so successful was the luncheon. The Board of Trustees meeting and the Alumni Association Board meeting were both the same day, so we planned one luncheon to encompass all three groups. I made a point of talking with each group in advance to explain exactly who would be there and to encourage people to split up at different tables. The biggest challenge was having to stop all the conversations so we could return to our respective meetings!

Of course, the weather was perfect – a magnificent Vermont fall day. We are experiencing some of the most vivid and vibrant foliage I have seen in my seven years at VLS. It almost looks like the sky is on fire because of the reflections from the intense red and orange colors.

On a different note – a number of applicants are indicating that they want to talk with us, but are having a difficult time scheduling visits to the law school. We have always been happy to schedule telephone interviews with applicants. Please feel free to call or email us to schedule a telephone conversation.

I am off again this afternoon to Las Vegas – not one of my favorite cities. However, every four years the pre-law advisors organization holds a national meeting with law schools admissions officers. We talk, share information and renew old friendships. Primarily, it is an excellent opportunity to remind those who influence applicants that VLS is a great place to study law!

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