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Snow Flurries this morning!

Aaaack – after several days of dreary cold drizzle, we had our first sighting of snow this morning.  However, it’s nothing as bad as the storms out west.  According to the farmer’s almanac, heavy snow is predicted again this winter.   As long as it stays snow and not ice, I’ll be fine with the super duper snow tires . . .

We are in the midst of the recruiting travel season.  Today, Kelly was in Utah, Nancy was in Maine and Sara was in North Carolina.  I was actually in the office, catching up on paper stuff.  Yesterday, I had a quick trip to Jersey City, NJ to visit New Jersey City University.  My friend Yvonne from CUNY and I did a two hour presentation on how to apply to law school.  The students and the campus were delightful.

I fly out again the end of this week to spend next week in Ohio and the following week in Pennsylvania visiting college campuses.  Check out the schedule on the admissions page of the website to see all the locations.  After this final hurrah, it will be good to put the suitcase away for a few weeks.

One service we provide in Admissions is usually not mentioned in publications.  If you are not able to visit the campus, but want to talk with an admissions counselor, feel free to call the office and schedule a phone interview.

I look forward to talking with lots of candidates on this final road trip – see you soon!

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