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Transition to Winter

In Vermont, the transition to winter is a big deal.  First of all, with the time change it now gets dark really early – with complete darkness by 4:30.  It’s cold, it’s raining – real snow will be here soon.

However, the transition to winter also means that we in admissions are almost done with the fall travel season.  I have a couple of local events and Kelly will be in Oregon and Washington next week.  That’s it.  On Monday, we begin reading files for this year’s applicant pool.  Our GOAL is to have decisions in the mail by December 20th for all files completed by December 1st.  It’s a nice reward for those who apply early – and it makes things easier in the office in January when we return from break to hundreds of new applications.  We at least know that the initial group is done.

I’m excited!

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