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The Semester is Beginning to Wind Down

As this week comes to a close (thank goodness!), I realize that we are near the end of the semester – and the campus is becoming much quieter.  First of all, it is cold – real cold – so people are less inclined to just hang around outdoors.  I walked through the library mid-day, and almost every study area was in use.  We now have fewer campus events.  Study is serious.  The actual last day of classes is December 5th; students have papers to write and outlines to update.

In the Admissions Office, yesterday was Sara’s last day on campus.  Her new husband graduated from the law school in May, passed the New York bar exam (hurrah!) and is working for a firm in Buffalo.  While working as an admissions counselor for three years, Sara also completed our master’s degree.  She is now looking for an environmental or higher ed position in Buffalo – Best Wishes!

We began reading files this week.  Hopefully, decisions will start going out the first week of December.  It’s exciting to see the fantastic applicants who are really connecting to the VLS mission.

Happy Weekend 🙂

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