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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Vermont is a snowy wonderland!

Central Vermont has received the full brunt of the winter storms making national news. Friday’s storm was messy, but produced only about 6 inches of snow. Sunday, however, was significant. In about 15 hours, we receive 17.5 inches of snow. From what I can tell, the base is about 2 1/2 feet – plowed piles […]

Closure for the Semester

Exams are finally over. If you are reading the student blogs, our first year’s have shared their anxieties, exhaustion and now – relief that the process is over for the term. It has been a long, hard semester but the students have done well and we are very proud of them. It’s late on Friday […]

New Feature on VLS website

Thanks to Josh, our incredible web guru, we have a new feature on the VLS website. The campus map is now interactive. From the front page of the website, click on Experience VLS, click on the campus, and then click on the campus map. Once on the map, you are now able to click on […]

The last week of classes this semester

If you have read the student blog entries, you can feel the end of term stress.  The first year and master’s students are working themselves up into a real state over the prospect of exams.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes party for the whole campus.  Students will bring their partners and children for […]