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The last week of classes this semester

If you have read the student blog entries, you can feel the end of term stress.  The first year and master’s students are working themselves up into a real state over the prospect of exams.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes party for the whole campus.  Students will bring their partners and children for the afternoon and most members of the staff and faculty will wander in and out – I hear rumors that the big guy in the red suit and white beard might even appear!

We have a nice tradition on the VLS campus during final exams.  On the first two days of exam – Wednesday and Thursday of next week – we have student appreciation days.  The staff will bring in tons of food for the students to provide moral and physical support during exams.  We begin with early morning breakfast set-ups of fresh fruit, juices, coffee, muffins, etc. and then lead on into lunch with crock pots of chili, fresh vegetables, sandwich fixings and loads of deserts.  Late afternoon and evening offerings include granola bars and bowls of fresh fruit.

We are reading files in Admissions and processing the initial rounds of decisions.  We hope to have a couple hundred decisions in the mail by mid-December.

Good Luck on your exams.  You have worked hard this semester!


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