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Vermont is a snowy wonderland!

Central Vermont has received the full brunt of the winter storms making national news. Friday’s storm was messy, but produced only about 6 inches of snow. Sunday, however, was significant. In about 15 hours, we receive 17.5 inches of snow. From what I can tell, the base is about 2 1/2 feet – plowed piles are way over my head.

I talk about the snow so much because I moved to Vermont 8 years ago from Central Florida and had never lived north of South Carolina. Anyone from the Southeast knows that the world shuts down over 2 inches of snow. So, I am still amazed when life continues on at full-speed the day after a huge storm.

The rule: good snow tires on your car. I do not have a 4 wheel drive – my malibu has traction control that kicks in on a regular basis. I drive carefully and use common sense, but still go where I need to go.

Secondary rule: Snow plows rule the roads and parking lots during the winter. I don’t leave my house until the driveway (long and steep) has been plowed. I don’t come to work before 8:00 and get in the way of the plows clearing the parking lots.

Final rule: Use common sense. If the weather is too nasty, stay home. If a storm is predicted, I always make sure to have a work project in my bag. The law school only closes maybe 1 day a winter, but we are all expected to use common sense and stay home if the roads are too treacherous where we live.

Let the winter fun begin!


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