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Happy New Year

We have all survived the holidays and now back at work. There is something to be said for working in higher education and getting a long holiday break each year. The weather in Vermont was cold and snowy, so husband and I stayed close to home.

Snowshoeing with the dog is always enjoyable. He is half golden retriever and half border collie, so he thinks his job is to “herd” me as we trek through the local landscape. We live in close proximity to a well-groomed trail, so getting a couple of miles in every day over the break was great fun. . . and the legs are very sore!

However, as I said, we are now back at work. Students and faculty return on Wednesday, giving the staff a couple of days to get caught up before the first day of classes.

Time to go read !

Lots of applications have come into the office, both through LSAC on-line apps and as paper applications. As soon as the LSDAS reports are received, we will begin processing and reviewing them. This is now officially our busy time for reading files!


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