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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Proud to be a Member of the Legal Profession

One of our visiting faculty shared with me the message he passed on to his law students at the end of each term – and gave permission to post on the blog. Thank you, Jack Tuholske! Wear the badge proudly. You are going to be a vital part of protecting our civil society. After 23 […]

Campus Visits and Visiting Day

We are really busy in Admissions – and it feels good! We work hard throughout the fall, traveling cross country to talk with prospective applicants about VLS. Now the applications are flowing into the office – and we are reviewing completed files. What a great group of candidates this year! It’s also exciting to have […]

LLM Opportunities

On Friday, I attended the Northeast Black Law Student Association conference in Springfield, Mass. to talk with the students about LLM programs in general and VLS specifically. Many people are not aware that our world-class Environmental Law program includes an LLM in Environmental Law. Anyway, there were about 45 students in attendance and we had […]

VLS Students file Supreme Court Brief

This is an article from “The Forum”, the VLS student newspaper, written by Christal Cuadra (‘10) – Editor-in-Chief Prof. Hanna and VLS Students File Supreme Court Brief On January 13, 2009 the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Vermont v. Brillon with Professor Hanna and students from her Women and the Law class sitting […]