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Campus Visits and Visiting Day

We are really busy in Admissions – and it feels good! We work hard throughout the fall, traveling cross country to talk with prospective applicants about VLS. Now the applications are flowing into the office – and we are reviewing completed files. What a great group of candidates this year!

It’s also exciting to have so many applicants visiting the campus. We now have 2 or 3 visitors each day. This is a great time of year for applicants to visit. We have huge piles of snow, yet life continues on a regular schedule. It is very hard to imagine if you have never lived in the snowy north. We received a foot of snow yesterday (on top of the significant snow already on the ground), yet we are all up and running this morning.

The Admitted Student Visiting Day is on Monday, April 6th. RSVP’s are coming in, so we expect a full house.


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