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Proud to be a Member of the Legal Profession

One of our visiting faculty shared with me the message he passed on to his law students at the end of each term – and gave permission to post on the blog. Thank you, Jack Tuholske!

Wear the badge proudly. You are going to be a vital part of protecting our civil society. After 23 years I still swell with pride when I hear the words “may it please the court” come from my lips, be it the Ninth Circuit or the municipal judge. It’s an exhilarating and an awesome responsibility. And it’s true — without lawyers our country would be nothing, really, in terms of a civil society. Go to Russia or Zimbabwe if you don’t believe me. You are in the greatest American company as a lawyer: from John Adams to Abe Lincoln to RFK, Sandra Day O’Conner, and now Barack and Hillary. And thousands more.

And don’t put up with the lousy lawyer jokes. Not even politely. Tell your friends and your family to go back and read their civics is they persist. Lawyers are leaders in our country. So wear the badge proudly. You have a responsibility to be a leader in your community, beyond whatever law job you have. Participate in civil society – people will respect and value what you have to say. You have a perspective and understanding that others don’t. Wear the badge proudly.


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