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This, That and the Other

My good friend Jackie tells me that I talk about the weather too much in this blog. However, having lived in the deep South my entire life prior to moving to Vermont to work at the law school, I am still amazed by New England weather. Knowing that so many of our applicants are also from other parts of the country, I like to share my impressions. Besides, I like weather stuff.

So, Spring is really arriving in Vermont – hurrah!! The thermostat outside our house is reading 61 degrees this afternoon. Much of the snow has melted – although we still have a 6 foot pile in front of the Admissions Office. I have not worn a real coat for over a week. There are tiny buds on the trees and if you look hard enough, can see bits of green in the grass. Aaaahhh . . . . .

Financial Aid Info: There is new federal legislation that goes into effect on July 1 that impacts students and graduates in all of higher education – not just law schools. The College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRAA) has two parts. The income based repayment program allows graduates to repay federally based loans (including Grad Plus) to have loan payments set based on their income. After 25 years, if there is still a balance, it is forgiven. Part 2 of the act, which can be combined with part 1, allows graduates with jobs in the government or 501C3 organizations (non-profit) wjp work in these positions for 10 years, to have all federally based loans (including Grad Pus) to be forgiven. This is an amazing opportunity for law school graduates. If you want more information, feel free to contact our Director of Financial Aid, David Myette, at


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