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Life is Good . . . Baseball Season Has Begun!

This has been a difficult winter. Despite the excitement surrounding President Obama’s inauguration, the constant barrage of dismal economic and political news has been difficult.

However, baseball season is underway, which means that it is really Spring and Life is Good!! We have had spring training and the world baseball classic, but they don’t really count. There is nothing like the first real game – which happens to be The Braves and the Phillies on ESPN2 – right now!

When I lived in Florida, my family and I would skip work to check out all the teams in the grapefruit league. Spring training is fun when you are sitting in the warm sun at the ballpark. However, it is hard to get excited when you live 1,300 miles away.

2nd inning – Braves 3 and Phillies 0. Francour just hit his first homerun. Again, life is good !!


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