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Addendum . . .

I got sidetracked yesterday in the middle of my posting. Son called from Florida to wish me a happy Easter. Since he has never done that in his life, I suspect that the true purpose of the call was to remind me that his birthday is in 2 weeks and that cash would be more helpful than a gift – – ha.

Anyway, I forgot to include the highlight from last week – Vermont passed the same sex marriage bill, overriding Governor Douglas’ veto! When the vote was announced, I was in a meeting in Debevoise Hall. All of a sudden, there was cheering and dancing in the hallway. VLS students did a magnificent job leading the charge and mobilizing the campus. They sent out numerous campus emails over the last month, educating us about the legislative time-line, who in the house and senate we needed to lobby, when and where the demonstrations were taking place, etc. Congratulations to all!


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