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VLS Professor is Earth Day Keynote Speaker

Professor Jason J. Czarnezki of the Vermont Law School will be delivering the Keynote Address for Earthcast 2009 at 8pm Eastern on April 21, 2009 (0-1:00 GMT).

What is Earthcast?
Earthcast is a 24 hour long broadcast that includes people
on four different continents celebrating Earth Day.

Who does this?
Earthbridges, an international community of individuals
collaborating on issues of environmental sustainability and
justice, organizes the Earthcast. We came together
around EarthDay 2008.

How can I listen?
Go to log in with your screen name and
NO password. If you don’t hear the broadcast, click the
arrow in the big window to the left. If you still do not hear,
type in the communication room for assistance.

Where can I find out more?
More information is available at and

Where is the schedule of events?
The Earthcast begins at 00:00:00 GMT or 8:00pm on the East Coast in North America
Tuesday. It lasts until 23:00:00GMT or 7:00pm
Wednesday. The schedule is at


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